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Cereal Destrine Spa

Innovating for tradition

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Zootechnical food

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Excipients for medications

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Veterinary Medicine

Extrusion products (dexter technology), press cakes, zootechnical oil seeds, pre-gelatinized and micronised wheat flours.


The pre-gelatinization technology has been used to create different types of starch, corn flours and wheat flours which, for their specific physical features,
are used in pharmaceuticals and veterinary medicine.

About us


Owned by the Montruccoli family (millers for over four centuries), Cereal Destrine Spa® was founded with the objective of renewing the cereal industry.


Pea fibre: after over-2 years experience, Cereal Destrine Spa® is able to produce a heat-treated or native pea fibre, with probiotic properties, used for monogastric organisms.

Why us?

Cereal Destrine Spa® is a reliable partner for zootechnical research and production. Having the chance to use different technologies in raw materials (extrusion, grinding, deoiling, etc.) allows us to combine flexibility and quality.