Technological raw materials

We use all vegetable raw materials (cereal, oil seeds, flour, starch, etc. ) in order to get good results in animal nutrition.

All technologies are exclusively physical and we add no chemical compounds.
Raw materials can be combined with each other and can undergo one or more transformations to get unique products in terms of chemical and physical characteristics.

“Dexter” Treatment

The term Dexter refers to a treatment developed by Cereal Destrine Spa® that adds value to vegetable raw materials.
Dexter is used for three physical parameters:

  • temperature
  • pressure
  • time

No chemical adjuvant or irradiation system are associated to this process, therefore it can be considered a natural traditional system.


After cereals or oil seeds cleaning, the following step is husking, through which the seed skin is peeled off. Then the product can be immediately used or it can undergo other treatments.

Pressure extraction of oil seed

Oil seeds are pressed to extract oil. This leads to a product, rich in proteins.

Grinding and granulation

It’s possible to grind and micronise products, and get a differentiated particle size.

”Blessed is he who, far from the city’s cares, like the men of the ancient age, plows his father’s fields with oxen that belong to him.”


DEXTER technology: in-depth analysis

Which are the advantages?

There are well-defined actions according to each foodstuff component:

  • Starch: starch granules in cereals are crack opened to allow amylolitic enzymes attack and improve digestibility;
  • Protein: proteins are denatured to improve digestibility and reduce allergenic reactions;
  • Lipid: oxidase is inactivated through heat treating to avoid oxidized processes.
  • Fibre: pressure and temperature make fibre mucilaginous to limit irritancy.
  • Anti-nutritional factors inactivation: the pressure-temperatura action destroys all anti-nutritional factors, heat-labile up 210°C, without loosing food biological values. In addition the Dexter treatment leads to bacteria abatement in foodstuff.
  • Thermal action leads to pleasant taste and aroma and improves product appetibility.
How do we obtain these transformations?

Simply we confer upon the molecule a certain amount of energy to make it digestible or inactivate toxicity. The energy is supplied through heat, pressure and time, and it is fundamental a right amount of energy: a smaller amount has no effects, a greater mount leads to biological value loss and harmful compounds development. At the end of the process the following step is the product grinding in order to make it a flour that is easy to use.

Where can we use Dexter?

Potentially we can use this treatment for any foodstuff, however the greater benefits are visible in oil seeds and starch-rich cereals.





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