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Pharmaceutical excipients

Ingredients for medicines, nutritional vitamins and additives

Through the process of extrusion on wheat flour, granules or microgranules are controlled with particular characteristics:

The advantages of this product range are:

– Possibility of having a support with physical characteristics equal to the active substance to be dispersed

– Easy dosing for good and constant smoothness

– NO DUST No dust, for greater operator safety

– High adsorbent and absorbent capacity, given the presence of microcavity

– Highly digestible product with a neutral taste and odour 

– No additives or processing aids

There is the possibility to operate the Dexter treatment on different plant products, allowing you to always provide the same plant matrix declared in the specifications of the pharmaceutical product and thus save the customer the long and expensive process of changing the registration of a drug

Note that the same treatment can be carried out on all raw materials rich in starch, creating a specific product for customer needs.